San Jose Colocation Facility
San Jose Colocation
Our 200,000 square foot Colocation Facility is located in the heart of Silicon Valley with easy access from two major freeways and three international airports.
San Jose Colocation Generators
San Jose Colocation
In the unlikely event of a power failure, our generator will power up within the first few seconds, reinforcing the power from the UPS. With refueling contracts, the generator can operate indefinitely.
San Jose Colocation Backup Batteries
San Jose Colocation
Backup batteries power the UPSs so that in the unlikely event of a power outage your servers will keep on running.
San Jose Colocation UPS
San Jose Colocation
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) not only provide clean conditioned power, but also power your equipment during the time between an unlikely power outage and when the emergency generator becomes active.
San Jose Colocation Power Distribution
San Jose Colocation
Power Distribution Units (PDUs) supply the clean power from the UPSs to your cabinet. The PDUs monitor power usage and allow each cabinet to be individually breakered.

Selecting a San Jose Colocation Service Provider

San Jose Colocation Racks

Now that you have seen and understand how colocation works, the next step is picking a provider, but the big question is how do you do that? There are a number of factors than come into play when doing so, and here are a few of the major ones that you will have to take into consideration.


Meeting Your San Jose Colocation Needs

San Jose Colocation Cabinets

Business is in a constant state of flux, which means that what you might need from a colocation provider today could radically change tomorrow. Any San Jose colocation facility worth its salt should be able to quickly and effectively meet any and all of your future growth needs, even if that means going from a single server to a full cabinet somewhere down the road. Before settling on a provider, be sure to ask if they will be able to handle such definite changes, and if so, what sort of time and money would you be looking at for it all to be implemented.

Lesser Considerations When Evaluating A Colocation Service Provider

You are likely to come across some other features that colocation firms will pitch to you, but these items should all be taken with a grain of salt.

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