San Jose Colocation Facility
San Jose Colocation
Our 200,000 square foot Colocation Facility is located in the heart of Silicon Valley with easy access from two major freeways and three international airports.
San Jose Colocation Generators
San Jose Colocation
In the unlikely event of a power failure, our generator will power up within the first few seconds, reinforcing the power from the UPS. With refueling contracts, the generator can operate indefinitely.
San Jose Colocation Backup Batteries
San Jose Colocation
Backup batteries power the UPSs so that in the unlikely event of a power outage your servers will keep on running.
San Jose Colocation UPS
San Jose Colocation
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) not only provide clean conditioned power, but also power your equipment during the time between an unlikely power outage and when the emergency generator becomes active.
San Jose Colocation Power Distribution
San Jose Colocation
Power Distribution Units (PDUs) supply the clean power from the UPSs to your cabinet. The PDUs monitor power usage and allow each cabinet to be individually breakered.

Free San Jose Colocation 24/7 Phone Support

San Jose Colocation Racks

We feel that Free Remote Hands Service should always be available to you, which is why we offer it 24/7/365. Just call anytime if you need a server reboot, a drive hot swapped, or even an OS re-installation, assuming you have the disc on site. Avoid trips to the data center in the middle of the night and take advantage of the 15 minute per call FREE service we provide. Our San Jose Colocation clients place calls from all over the world, taking advantage of our free remote hands services. This gives them remote access to all their equipment and prevents them from having to find help locally. All of our clients have the ability to contacts us as needed, so that we can walk with them over the phone through network setup, hardware installation, IP configuration, and much more. Just imagine the convenience of being able to do all that without physically having to be at the data center.

24 Hour San Jose Colocation Remote Hands

We believe that our 24/7 Remote Hands and tech support service means that our clients have complete peace of mind at all times. They know they can call any time of day or night and that someone will be there to help. We invite all of our customers to use our knowledgeable staff to perform such things as network set-up, hardware installation, swapping out hard drives, or configuring IP addresses. They can even have tech support assist by typing in commands to their server. Our customers are located in some of the most remote locations you can imagine, and each of them is very pleased with the colocation service and staff provided to them. What that all means is that you don’t need to search for a local data center, but instead go with a Quality Data Center as the perfect alternative to local.

San Jose Colocation Savings

The result of such a decision can be thousands of dollars in annual savings, not to mention the time you will also save. That is even the case if you select one of our premium colocation facilities that are literally thousands of miles away. The money that you save thanks to our incredible pricing is just one of our benefits. Here is something else to consider: Imagine receiving a call in the early hours of the morning telling you that your server is down. You would need to get out of bed, get dressed, hunt down your car keys and head to the data center. Arriving there might mean trying to find a parking spot, which might then require a walk to the building. You will then have to go through all the security checkpoints and hope that a guard is available to escort you to your server cabinet, which you will then have to log into and do all the work. You may have put in as much as a couple of hours of your time before you even start trying to diagnose the issue. If you used the Remote Hands Service, which quality San Jose colocation providers should deliver free of charge, you would receive that same call, but would be able to talk to a factory trained, Cisco certified technician who will be more than happy to help with your issue. This is all something that could easily be done in as little as 15 minutes, which is a much better solution. Do you think this is something that would work for your needs?

Value Added San Jose Colocation Service

San Jose Colocation Cabinets

You could look all over the world for a data center that gives you 24/7/365 free remote hands and you will likely not find another one. You will find many that don't even offer 24/7 support, much less offer it free. Our customers rave about this value added service we offer for absolutely no cost to you. We care about you as a customer. We put your needs first by giving you things that you need, free of charge. You could easily spend thousands of dollars every month for this service as many data centers charge $250 per hour for this premium service that we give you free. Why not move to a San Jose Colocation data center that gives you some extras free of charge?

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